One-day workshop on scientific proposal writing and poster preparation organized at Amrit Science Campus

KATHMANDU, March 4: A one day workshop on ‘scientific proposal writing and poster preparation’ was organized at Amrit Science Campus on Saturday. The workshop was organized with an aim to to encourage the students of science and technology field to conduct research activities with valid procedures. The workshop was initiated by a group of bachelor level students of the campus.
The programme was chaired by campus chief of Amrit Science Campus Mr. Rajesh Mahaju and participants were students of life sciences from different colleges of Kathmandu. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Binod Rayamajhee, Mr. Sagar Aryal and Mr. Anurag Adhikari. Mr. Rayamajhee and Adhikari are associated with Kathmandu Research Institute for Biological Sciences (KRIBS) while Mr. Aryal is founding president of Microbiology Research Society (MRS).

During the workshop, Mr. Rayamajhee shared valuable information and guidelines regarding the preparation of scientific research proposal. He also shed some light on acquiring international research grants and how to expose Nepalese researchers in international scientific communities.
Mr. Adhikari highlighted the scenario of clinical research in Nepal and its surrounding which needs advanced instrumentation and techniques to obtain accurate results. Meantime, Mr. Aryal summarized the guidelines to prepare scientific poster and its important. During the session, individual participants have learnt basic skills to prepare poster.
Additionally, Associate Prof. Dr. Shubha Ratna Shakya of Amrit Science Campus explained the importance of research for innovation and sustainable development in the country. Similarly, campus chief Mr. Mahaju said that scientific proposal writing and poster preparation are cardinal factors for graduate students and they must be included in the regular academic syllabus focusing its practical implementation’. He further added, ‘We are preparing to revert the old fame of Amrit Science Campus as a leading research institute of Tribhuvan University’.
The programme was coordinated by ex-student of the same campus, Mr. Gopiram (Shulav) Syangtan and Mr. Bupendra Tamang where the workshop was technically support by KRIBS and MRS. The campus is looking forward to conduct similar kind of symposiums on regular basis to encourage and steer the young minds in days to come.
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